Are You In The Right Mindset To Succeed Making Money Online?

Are You In The Right Mindset To Succeed Making Money Online?

Most people when they start in this business, they start by thinking, “How much money can I make?”

These people are already in trouble— because before we start thinking about this (((PAT POCKET))) — we need to first address this (((PAT HEAD)))

You see, you need to enter into this business having the correct mindset to make money online and here’s the thing. Not everybody does.

Now I know I’m probably the first person to say this.

Most people say something like— anybody can make money online but I don’t agree with that. It is not for everybody because you need to become a certain type of person first — and it all starts with having what I call the three M’s, the Making Money Mindset. So – do you have the Making Money Mindset? Let’s find out.

Now, I’m going to be brutally open and forthright with you here.

The reason that a lot of people struggle in this business is because they start by thinking, “How much money can I make?” and if you are saying to yourself, “How much money can I make?” then – and I did say I was going to be brutal — you are probably going to find this business a challenge.

Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad question because of course it isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with asking yourself how much money can you make but it’s a bad first question.

Do you see the difference?

Believe it or not, most people don’t but if you do see the difference, then you could do very well because before we start thinking about how much money we can make, we should be asking ourselves another question. Can you guess what that question is?

The first question we should be asking is, “

How can my business help someone?”
What solutions does it offer?
What problems can I solve?”
I could sum all of this up with just one word and that word would be “Value”.

This is what having a Making Money Mindset is all about. If you want to be successful — if you want to make money online, it is very important for you to understand — that we all get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.

Let me say that again. We all get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. The marketplace is also known as life. Think of any successful business. The thing that they all have in common is that they are offering value first. If you offer value first, the money will follow.

So — all you have to do to earn more money is become more valuable.

And there’s a law about this.

It’s called the law of compensation and it states that your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

So my point being, to start this business with the correct mindset which most people don’t, means you need to stop thinking about how much money you can make and start thinking about how many people you can serve. Trust me on this. If you do the latter, the former will naturally occur.

Now there are two wonderful things about this. Firstly, it means that the level of your pay is always under your control because if you want more money, all you have to do is find more people to serve. It’s that simple and the internet is the simplest way to find these people as I will be showing you and secondly, it also means that there are no limitations on what you can earn because you can always find more people to serve.

So exciting isn’t it?

Building a business that has value—as its primary driving force. Now my question to you is, “Can you do this?

Can you stop thinking about the money and start thinking about the value?” If you can, you could do very well in this business. If you can’t, you will struggle.

I remember when I started. I used to lay in bed thinking of how to make money and i found myself in a bad situation to an extend of thinking of quiting money making online thing all
together. It was not untill when i shifted from how to make money mindset to how to genuinely provide value to my niche or solve some specific problems that online business started to make

When i started providing value, people started to sign up for my freebie gifts, people started to read my posts, people started to consider my products i recommended and finally made friends
who look forward to what i have to offer. And that is how people want–they want to be genuinely served with solutions to their problems

Martin Luther King said it best. He said, “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.”

You might be thinking “Yes, Fredrick. This all sounds very nice but I don’t even know what I can do to serve or where to start.” It’s OK.
Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to yet but you will very soon as we continue because I will show you proven process of offering value as you build your online business.

Just to try and stop you thinking, just about the money and instead start thinking about the value that you will end up giving. If you take this advise, get ready to be rewarded handsomely
by your niche.

As i end this post, kindly post your comment below and if this post made sense to you kindly share your comments or thoughts in the comments space provided below.

Talk soon.


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