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We addressed our mindset last post, let’s now look at Three Simple-Step Process successful online marketing and passive income.

There’s a great saying that goes, “systems work, its people that fail” and that’s absolutely true, systems do work it’s us that often give up.

What you need to do is create an online system that works for you, to fit in around your lifestyle. And the great news is there are only three steps to successful online marketing and good passive income.

So lets go through these three simple steps in this post.

Here we go.

Step One- finding a profitable niche.

This is where everything starts.

Now don’t worry or stress yourself if you are thinking well what I sell or how do I sell or do I
need a website.

Just relax – everything will become crystal clear. Right now all you need to do is understand the roadmap of online success — and it starts by finding a profitable niche.

This is the very first thing you need to do.

What exactly does this mean?

It means you need to find an area online where people are already spending money.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know anything about that particular niche, although it does help if you are interested in the subject matter.

Key thing here is for you to understand that this is where we start.

So many people make the mistake of thinking what am I going to sell.

Believe it or not what you are actually selling is the last piece of the puzzle.

What you will end up selling is irrelevant at this stage. The very first thing you need to do is position yourself in a profitable niche (an area where people are already spending money).

Now this niche may be a subject matter that you know a lot about, you may already have an off-line business in a certain niche subject.

For example, swim wear design or jewelry creation or alternative therapies and that could become your new niche. Or you may end up finding a completely new profitable niche for your online business.

There are thousands of profitable niches to choose from. Literally–thousands. From Weight
Loss, to Brides, to Muscle Building, to Skinny Men, to How To Become A Pilot, Event Planning, Time Management Strategies, Cake Decorating, Become A Mystery Shopper, Hiring Virtual Workers, Care Options For Your Elderly Parents ,Planning Your Summer Vacation On A Budget, How To Work In Hollywood, Home Schooling, Writing Your Own Book, Become A Better Public Speaker, Yachting, Greenhouse Gardening, Beginners Guide To Yoga, Ideas For A Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget, How To Work On The Radio….the list goes on and on.

Once you’ve chosen a profitable niche you move on to Step Two.

Step Two – build a list of people that are interested in that profitable niche.

Let’s use an example of marine aquariums, let’s imagine that we each chose a profitable niche of marine aquariums, people that like to keep fish as a hobby, so that’s our profitable niche.

The very next thing we do is we build a list of people interested in this subject matter.

What exactly does this mean?

This mean that we will create a one-page website with the ability to capture visitor’s names and e-mail addresses when they visit your site.

And once you have their name and their e-mail address, you can market to them directly via email marketing – which of course I will be coming on to.

Doesn’t worry if creating a website terrifies you, it terrified me when I started out too.

For now, just understand the importance of building a list.

In fact building a list is the single most important thing you can do for your business.

It’s interesting a lot of people think that a product is the most important thing, it’s not.

Let me explain, a product is not a business, there are tons of people with great products making no money, so that’s not a business.

In fact on that note then let me add that a website is not a business either, again there are millions of websites making nothing.

So if a product is not the business and a website is not the business, what is a business?

The answer is customers; Robert Kiyosaki once said “the rich build networks, while everybody else looks for work”.

And it’s absolutely true, call it a database, call it customers, call it a list, it really doesn’t matter what it’s called.

Anybody that is successful has a network of people that they can market to directly.

And that’s exactly what I am addressing here.

You need to build a database of people interested to purchase the products you are to offer.

And to build a list you need to have a special type of website.

Your website is your storefront to the world and we will be creating a special kind of website that’s designed just to capture visitor’s names and e-mail address – thereby allowing you to build this all-important list.

And I will show you step-by-step how to do this in the next post.

Let’s move on to Step Three, the third and final step of how to make money online.

Step Three is- Market related products to Your lists.

This is where the monetization takes place-introducing our list to products that they may be interested in.

This is known as Affiliate Marketing and this is a multi-billion-dollar a year industry.

You send our lists a unique link to a product which you know that they will be interested in. If somebody clicks on it and purchases the product that you recommend you will make a commission.

There are hundreds of places online to find products that match your niche.

Now, naturally each step has various elements to it and that is what is all about, teaching you this entire process.

I call this your engine — and only when you have your engine set up and configured correctly can you begin to start to make money online.

I only say this to illustrate that with the correct mindset which we’ve already discussed and understanding the process which we’ve now been through, you can achieve the same.

So to summarize the three steps are:

Step One – we find a profitable niche.
Step Two – we build a list of people interested in this profitable niche.
Step Three – we market related products to this list.
I can’t tell you the number of people who do not understand this process. Most people try and sell something straight away.

They may make one or two sales – but for regular, residual online income – the FIRST thing you need to do – is build a list of people that you can market to.

Ok – here’s what I want you to do , click here to download free blueprint to profitable online marketing and passive income.

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